Mungaru maLe!

The magic of first rain…..

Mungaru MaLe– meaning the rain that pours before the monsoon (Pre-monsoon rain)-A rain that relieves us from the scorching heat. Its not just any other rain, theres magic in it and the ‘first’ rain is always special. Everyone of us experiences the magic of the first rain which changes our lives and this magical rain has a tale to tell.

After ‘YEARS’ I’ve watched such a refreshing movie in Kannada 🙂 I used to hate Kannada movies for more than one reasons……

The film can be listed among one of the top five disaster love stories in Kannada film industry.

Whats most impressive about this film is the music and the lyrics- Sooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!! its hard to say which song is ‘the best’- the lyrics of all the songs are so meaningful and superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrb.
The picturisation is at its best-Malenaadu as always looks stunning!!!!!!!!!

The film talks about love and friendship which isn’t new but the words put-forth are, theres a stanza which says:
Yaava hanigaLinda yaava nelavu hasiraguvudo, yaara sparsha dinda yaara manavu hasiyaaguvudo-yavaa preetihuvu yaara hrudayadalli araLuvudo,yaara usirali yaraa hesaro, yaaru baredaro…….. yaara prema poojege mudipo, yaaaru ballaro…….mungaaru maLeye, enu ninna hanigaLa leelae. We never know the magic of the first rain, the drops of it may nourish the seed of life, we never know who will make in roads into our heart and minds, we never know with whom we may fall in love-but our love will get a true meaning only if its reciprocated, not just reciprocated but WORSHIPED.

The lead role is played by Ganesh- a popular TV anchor of the show ‘Comedy time’ has done well specially in the emotional scenes, the one with his pet rabbit is worth a mention.Mumbai import-Sanjana Gandhi looks good but her acting in this movie is so so, Anant Nag as usual is at his best 😀 All in all a very wonderful movie and certainly worth a ‘dekko’ -the music and lyrics even more beautiful and deserves a place not just in our CD collections of all time favorites but also in our minds and heart.

Video of title song from the movie…..’njoy!


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