Nostalgia is very sweet yet bad, the other day I watched my fave serial Malgudi Days on google video..
Its undoubtedly one of the best serial DD has ever produced.

I was reminded of my childhood- i used to wait for the day to come and then for the night to watch it.

There’s swami in all of us – his innocence strikes. Then there are his friends-funny and equally innocent.

There were some other shows such as: Udaan, Rajani,Buniyaad, Hum LOg, Vikram aur Betaal, Yeh jo hai Zindagi, Idhar-Udhar, Kachchi dhoop, Ek do teen char,

Dada Daadi ki kahaniya, Indradhanush, Neev, Subah, DD’s comedy show, Flop show,guldasta, Katha Sagar, Talaash, Mungeri lal ke hasein sapane, Mujarim Hajir ho- it had stalwarts like utpal dutt and Nutan, Humraahi,Tamas,Ghar-jamai(Anant Mahadevan’s laugh riot) Fauji, Circus-shot SRK to fame!, Byomkesh Bakshi,Tehkikaat,Kashish, Farmaan………..the list is a long one and not to forget the two great Indian epics-Ramayan and Mahabharat.

The characters from these serials were so close to heart. I would like to mention about the serial ‘Rajani’-Priya Tendulkar was just awesome!, the serial created an awareness about consumer rights, it became a rage , I also remember my aunt telling about auto and taxi drivers refusing commuters who carried a brand of a particular detergent which Rajani aka Priya tendulkar used to endorse!!!

The streets used be literally empty when these shows were on air also i recollect the news that actors , in particular- Jumping Jack Jeetendra once complained about the movie box office collections. Thats why i think his daughter ekta is avenging with producing never ending, irritating soaps.

DD aired the best shows at that time, even now these shows can beat the current ones in popularity on any given day-These shows certainly deserve to be aired

again or to be released on DVDs- so that i can buy šŸ™‚

Now-a-days the only thing we get to see in family dramas- the posh homes,treachery, fued in families ,hidden secrets šŸ˜‰ and never ending stories……the

characters never get old but we do šŸ˜¦ People now are into an obsession with reality shows, the other day i was discussing with my friend about the same and

she happened to tell me about the show ‘ Big-Brother’ ( the desi version of UK based reality show) How celebraties are making a fool of themselves and to how

low can they stoop to get money………………

Things have changed with times, we have 100s of channels but still miss something, the vaccum still remains, wish we could get back to those days.


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