People,Times and Friendship

As we move on in life we meet different types of people.
Few inspired me- gave my life a new direction taught me valuable things….few put me off 😦
I got acquainted with few people,yes they’re friends but that friendship was just a matter of convenience….but am still happy meeting them.

I’ve always wondered why does it take so much time for me to make friends?
Friendship needs total commitment and trust as in any other relationship…….There are a lot of expectations which we ought to fulfill.
There are a few people whom I wish I never meet( hope it comes true)

There are few friends whom I’d like to meet again AND be in touch, bring back those memories alive-live them again(hope this one comes true too)Whenever I hear about them; my joy knows no bounds! I feel I’ve got all the happiness in the world,its such a wonderful feeling.My heart starts beating fast, butterflies in my stomach …. I want to share sO many ideas,tell them things-pull their legs and Lol!(One thing I’ve realized that whenever I’m ecstatic….there is hardly anyone with whom i can share) But when its the other way round-God! that’s even scary to think, I keep thinking what went wrong why don’t I get a reply?

One thing always depresses me is that ”what if I don’t meet them again”? There are series of questions that keep revolving into my mind, then there’s this one thought: ”Do they too feel that way”? Or is it only me? If they don’t then why do I keep trying so much? If they do too…..then why the hell they take so much time to tell something?

Silence is often mis-interpreted specially when we’re geographically apart from friends and for any reason not able to communicate. I’ve had such bitter experiences lost some valuable friends 😥 I’ll never repeat such mistake again.


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