The light of life….Deepavu ninnade

Deepavu ninnade….. gaLiyu ninnade….

Whenever I listen to this song-am mesmerized- its so thought provoking, takes me into another world – forget myself and the surrounding.

Life is so uncertain, šŸ˜• everything is the divine play of the supreme lord….the song says the same :

Deepavu Ninnade gaLiyu ninnade, aaradirali beLaku
kaDalu ninnade, haDagu ninnade muNugadirali badaku……..

‘Everything is yours- the light,air, water……do not put off the light of life- the shore/bank (as in river)belong to You oh god, so does the boat in which we sail-do not let the life drown/get washed away’

BeTTavu ninnade, bayalu ninnade, habbi nagali preeti

neLalu bisilu yellavu ninnave irali ekareeti

The mountains and the plains are yours; let love blossom(the poet means to say let there be vegetation/there ought not be a draught)

The sunny days and rainy are yours -measure them on a same scale

Alle ondu siDilu iigondu mugilu,ninage alankara

alle ondu hakki, ille ondu muguLu ninage namaskara

kaDalu ninnade,haDagu ninnade muLugadirali baduku….

The roaring thunder and the rain clouds adorn you like jewels; the birds and smiling faces sing thy praise…..dont let the boat of life to be drowned

Alli raNa dundubhi illi ondu veeNe ninna pratidwani,

aa mahakavya, ii bhavageete ninna padadhwani

deepavu ninnade, gaLiyu ninnade aaradirali beLaku
kaDalu ninnade, haDagu ninnade muNugadirali badaku……..

Amidst the war cries, I string the melodious Veena which is your very voice; Epics have been written in your praise, I’m singing a song for you which I regard it as a foot-step to realise you……Thou art the light and wind too ; let not the light of my life extinguish, let the shore of my life along with the boat in which I sail by thy support; not wash away/drown.
This song is from the film ‘Mysuru Mallige’- the lyrics has been written by KS. Narasimhaswami- such wonderful lyrics, equally well sung by S. Janaki- undoubtedly one of the most versatile singer.

The picturisation too is good-just a lamp in the room enough to see the face of the actress.

The song ia available here (Deepavu ninnade)


12 Responses

  1. wonderful, thanks šŸ™‚

  2. Thanx…

  3. Nice, Thank you

  4. thanks

  5. tumba chennagide. danyavaadagalu

  6. Thanks a lot for the blog!
    Was searching a lot for the lyrics of this song!

  7. tumba dhanyavadagalu,, nanu bahala dinadinda e hadina lyrica hudukuta idde….thanks a lot

  8. I remeber this song from my childhood when my mother used to sing as prayer some 40 years ago. I was mesmerised by my mother’s melodius vioce and the meaning of the song. Today after a long time when I saw the song on this blog my heart filled with emotion and tears started falling from my eyes. Really wonderful.

  9. Thank you all for your wonderful, inspiring comments.

  10. Beautiful song.. captures the need for balance in life.

  11. Hehe I am honestly the first comment to your awesome article?!

  12. Very awesome read! Truely.

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