Ode to Ganesha

Following are the different hymns/stotras in praise of Shri Ganesha, the god of wisdom and destroyer of obstacles. Its customary to invoke lord Ganesha before we begin any work so that we get his blessings and our goal is attained without the trouble of obstacles.

VakratunDa mahakaya, surya koti samaprabham

Nirvighnam kurumedava sarva karyeshu sarvadaa

I pray to Ganesha who has a huge body, twisted trunk and whose aura resembles the light of countless Sun/surya; bless me and render the work which I’ve begun obstacle less.

Om Gajananm bhoot gaNadi sevitam; kapittha jambu phalasara bhakshitam

Uma sutam shoakavinaashakaraNam, namami Vighneshwara paada pankajam

Lord Ganesha who symbolises OM (manifest and unmanifest aspect of creation) is flanked by bhoot gaNa/people; one who relishes the nector of guava and berries, the son of Uma/Parvati; my prayer to the lotus feet of Ganesha , the lord of (destroyer of) obstacles.

Mooshaka vahana modaka hasta; chamara karna vilambita sootra

Vamana roopa Maheshwara putra; vighna vinayaka paada namaste

Lord Ganesha who mounts the mouse as a vehicle, who is delightfully holding modaka (favorite sweet dish of lord Ganesha) whose ears look like a hand held fan; he who is short in stature, the son of Maheshwara/Shiva, the destroyer of obstacles ; my prayers are offered to your divine feet.

Agajaanana padmaarkam Gajaananam ; aharnishamAnekadam

tam bhaktaanaam Ekadantam upaasmahe

We pray to Lord Ganesha,on seeing whom Mother Parvati’s face lights up like a lotus flower blooms at the sight of the rising sun. We pray day and night to the one tusked Lord Ganesha who grants many boons to his devotees.

Ekadantam mahakayam; lambodara Gajananam

Vighnanasha karmam devam Herambha praNamamyaham

One toothed/tusked, huge bodied and a huge belly (signifies manifestation of Ganesha which can cover the whole universe) ; who is forever engaged in destroying obstacles, I pray to thee O Heramba (one who is a beloved of his mother Parvati)


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for putting this one up. I only knew of the first shlok until now.

  2. very nice one. Om Ganeshaya namaha


  3. hi
    i have a good coolection of lord Ganesha which was created & painted by me. whenever i’m make the picture of Ganesha i’m feel the different type of feelings & whenever i’ll be free, i’ll download my all collection & if you have any kind of Lord Ganeshas photo pls send me on my email id.

  4. Wow! Its amazing to think that such a thing could be imagined but more so that it can be worshipped! A baby elephants head on a baby which is carried by a mouse! Thats incredible, I credit the mouse. Disney could not come up with such story or characters.

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