Where’s the originality??

Indian TV industry has come a long way, in the days of DD one could have hardly imagined that in years to come there would be hoards of channels showcasing different genre of TV shows. Now-a-days the new craze that has caught the Indian telly is “Reality shows” ofcourse the music reality shows are not new to our desi viewers; the first music (reality) show was “meri awaz suno” hosted by the inimitable Annu kapoor whose winner was sunidhi chauhan. The same show also had Vaishali samant as one of the contenstant who now is a successful singer of marathi singer with quite a few hit albums to her credit then ofcourse there was sa re ga ma with sonu nigam hosting and through years its been successful inshowcasing talents like shreya ghoshal now a days the young and dashing aditya narayan is playing the role beautifully succeding Shaan another successful host. Well all said and done my point is “originality” where is it??

Every channel today has 1 or 2 reality show either dance or singing with children or TV stars taking part in it not to mention about the drama that follows in the elimination rounds! all the shows are straight lift from their american counterpart viz,

  • Indian idol from american idol
  • Nach baliye – the concept borrowed from dancing with the stars
  • Jhalak dikhlaja- indian version of dancing with the stars ( highly successful dance show by BBC)
  • Kaun banega crorepati?- who wants to be a millionaire?
  • kya aap pachvi pass se tez hai? -Are you smarter than the fifth grader – see the names also are literaly translated 😉 no originality here either!!
  • Big Boss- another popular reality show borrowed from BBC ( remember the (in) famous cat fight between jade goody and shilpa shetty) man! this opened the doors to shilpa’s fortune .

When Amitabh bachchan hosted KBC he left every one mesmerised, I went ga ga over his unique style but when I saw the original format hosted by Chris tarrant I felt that again Amitabh borrowed so much from Chris that disappointed me in fact angered me when he said ” don’t touch that remote we’ll be right back” (in hindi) the same line are borrowed from original version 😦 lack of originality!

( by the way Amitabh can no way be compared to Chris tarrant; the former’s aura is unmatched)

What I fail to understand is why is the Indian TV industry so smitten by hollywood?? why is it scared of daring to do something new. Sadly but true we only have our epics which are truly timeless as ORIGINALS 🙂

I don’t wish to write anything about Saas-bahu sagas, kkkkkfactor except mentioning them thank god! it isn’t a reality show :mrgreen:


3 Responses

  1. Hey just think that Indians are like younger ones of the siblings who imitate the elders and most of the time lack originality.

    yes but now they need to grow up ; even though a kid imitates its elder sibling it ultimately grows out of it…… don’t u think its high time for indian tellys to be on their own??

  2. Yes you are one hundred percent right. It is really hard to find the originality in Indian reality shows. Even within the India, there are lot of borrowing happenings, when the Hindi reality show become popular that immediately get copied into Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and other languages. Like KBC – Koodeeswaran, Nach baliye – Jodi No.1, Really like to see some original reality shows in Indian language.
    Reality TV

  3. Thanx Shubhi ; Thanx Robert for your respective comments.

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