Catching up with IPL…..the new craze

Finally after a long wait IPL matches have begun before this a lot has been said and done, for cricket lovers this is dream come true , I remember the days when our domestic cricket was compared to the English county saying the former lacks luster and is very boring. IPL is just the answer to it

whatever people say about it being no less then gambling , it sure is a good entertainment for cricket fans; with so much advent of internet and the video hosting sites nobody would miss the action.

The advent of IPL also known as DLF Indian premier league has generated interest among all people including a mere observing fan, the BCCI, other official cricket boards businessmen (some prominent industrialists own /have stakes in the team(s) formed in IPL) the same goes for actors, actresses 😉

The eight teams have a blend of Indian and foreign players and all I hope is to get some good entertainment, also one can see some unknown faces trying to make their mark in cricket whom BCCI had neglected, anyways for me this is one tournament that I can watch it jus for fun – the love of cricket without getting tensed 8) and skipping my meals .


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