Chanta Laga….

The bad boys of cricket are in news again!! Harbhajan and Sreesanth, god! nothing can keep them quiet-it seems they ever want attention from media albeit for wrong reasons. They sure are an uncultured lot much like the abusing aussies who certainly don’t have any sportsmanship and respect for peers.

Harbhajan allegedly slapped Sreesanth after the match between Mumbai and Punjab ended with Punjab winning the match leaving Mumbai without winning any matches from their previous outings. Its believed that the captain Harbhajan was not in very good mood (obviously) after the match and Sreesanth saying “hard-luck” seemed to have not gone down the throat of the spinner – he lost his control and gave the speedster one big “thappad” . Well bhajji got what he deserved-a BAN for 11 matches from IPL, also as per news he is supposed to lose 3 crores of Rs ; OMG this haat uthana of his cost him too much!! 😳

Sreesanth too is no better he is constantly seen abusing batsman on the field for no reason at all! when I read this news I was quite taken aback, thought such reaction of theirs was only against aussies or proteas and that they were replying them in their own coins; this one incident crossed all limits.

The funniest part is that first reported it as Sreesant shedding tears of “joy” after victory which they ofcourse edited and updated the title of the news.

These two buffons later on apologised each other calling that they are brothers and its all in a family, but can we deny that what happened wasn’t ugly?? Its a big shame and any cricket lover would not tolerate it.

I think such cricketers seriously need lessons on how to behave with peers on and off field, perhaps children may help them to learn it or I have one suggestion they are very much needed in our parliament house, where there are everybody who is like bhajji and sreesanth 😉

Both Bhajji n Sreesanth agree that there’s no love lost between them and that they’ve made up with each other- your stunt made our day; the media loves you and so do we bloggers.  😀


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