Shri Mahalakshmi ashtakam

Shri Maha-Lakshmi Ashtakam

This stotra is recited by Indra in praise of goddess Shri Lakshmi; It is written in eight couplets hence the name “ashtakam”


Namaste astu mahamaye shri pithae sura poojite;

Shankha chakra gada haste, Mahalakshmi namostute 1

Indra utters:

Salutations to the universal mother Mahalakshmi who symbolises illusion, whose place is an abode of prosperity,fortune and bliss and who is worshipped by all demi-gods.

Namaste garuDaaruDHe Kolhasura bhayankari;
sarva paapa hare devi, Mahalakshmi namostute 2

I bow to the one who is mounted on Garuda/eagle and who destroyed the terrible Kolhasura; thou destroys all sins.

Sarvagne sarva varade sarva dushTa bhayankari;

sarva dukha hare devi, Mahalakshmi namostute 3
One who knows all, is ever pervading eliminiates sinners and removes sorrows, I offer oblations to that Mahalakshmi.

Siddhi buddhi prade devi, bhakti mukti pradayini;

Mantra murte sada devi Mahalakshmi namostute 4
I pray to goddess Mahalakshmi who bestows wealth, bliss knowledge and salvation, who is all oblations personified.

Adyantarahite devi adishkti maheshwari,;

yogaje yoga-sambhute mahalakshmi namostute 5
Goddess Mahalakshmi has no beginning or end whom the concept of time-space can’t touch, who emerges from yoga and sustains it; I offer my prayer to thee.

Sthula sukshmi mahraudre mahashakti mahodare;

mahapaapa hare devi mahalskhmi namostute 6
Who covers the whole universe-who is manifested yet is unmanifest, thou is the eliminator of sins, accept my prostrations.

Padmasana sthite devi para brahma swarupini

parameshi jaganmatar mahalakshmi namostute 7

I bow before Mahalakshmi who is seated in lotus posture who is the supreme element of this universe and a mother to all beings.

Shewtambara dhare devi nanaalkara bhushite

jagadsthite jaganmatar mahalakshmi namostute 8
Who is attired in white and is adorned by different types of jewelery, O mother of this universe my salutations to you.

Mahalakshmiyashatakm ya: pathet bhaktimannara:

sarva siddhi ma- pnoti rajya prapnoti sarvada

eka kaale pathe nityam, mahapaap vinaska; dwikalam ya: pathe nityam dhana dhanya samanvita

trikalam ya: pathe nityam mahapaataka vinashita

mahalakshmir bhaver nityam prasanna varada shubha.

Benefits of recitations:

Who ever recites this Mahalakshmiashtakam with sincerity and devotion will be rewarded with all material and spiritual bliss.
By recited it once during the day all your sins will be destroyed; two times during the day, it’ll make you rich with wealth and if you recite it third time you’ll be successful in eliminating your enemies however powerful they are. Goddess Mahalakshmi will bless you forever.

Mahalakshmi- the universal beneficiary

While we memorize this stotra and recite it daily , one may feel that it is it and the blessings of the goddess of fortune will be bestowed upon the reciter but is that IT? certainly not; by just reciting her name offering prayers and just meditating we are not doing full justice to the goddess. We need to know more and apply it in real sense- but how?? This is a big question indeed.

Legends say that goddess Mahalakshmi emerged from the ocean while it was being churned so this way she is considered as his daughter thus getting the names “Sindhu-suta”, “Samudra raaj tanaya” “Sindhuja” all meaning “the daughter of ocean” this way she is associated with water which is the most precious thing in the world. Our scriptures also tell is to worship waters in form of river, ponds which are considered as holy and are invoked while bathing. But what do we mean by worshiping?? Just offering flowers and bowing our head and praying by reciting shlokas?! No we need to use it wisely, not polluting it by throwing waste in them; regenerate it save it.

Goddess Mahalakshmi is pervading in all forms of nature therefore her true worship is by using the resources wisely and retain her. Our puranas also tell us that she is Chanchala-the restless; that she doesn’t stay at one place this is very true for wealth being at one place is harmful for society that is why she doesn’t stay at one place. Just like a river flowing nourishes different places thus benefiting all beings. We also read that goddess Lakshmi gets displeased very soon- by that it means that if we squander resources foolishly we sure are going to lose her. There’s another very interesting tale of samudra-manthana which I’ll be writing sometime later for its very fascinating and includes many aspects of creation of earth. The morning prayer also talks of the same.

Shri-Suktam is another very powerful invocation of goddess Mahalakshmi which is the ultimate adoration of ‘Shrii’ and it declares that the supreme Vishnu and Lakshmi are masculine and feminine manifestations of each other.

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4 Responses

  1. Very nice.
    Did you know you can type these in the Sanskrit script as well? Blogspot has this ability, not sure about wordpress. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanx Kanan for all the appreciation, yes we can blog in Sanskrit at wordpress too just that I feel writing it in English itself is better
    Thanks once again 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for the simple style in which you explain the importance of Mahalaxmi ashtakam.Any particular day which may be dedicated to Mahalaxmi? (eg Tuesday for Hanuman etc)

  4. particular day for mahalaxmiji is friday

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