Sita’s dilemma!

Indian epics have stories which will leave an indelible impression on the minds of its readers, I’m writing and posting some of them hope you’ll like these, enjoy! )

I would again like to begin with salutations to lord Shri Ganesha , bless me in my endevors.

The stories are compiled randomly.

1) ”How do they wear these”?

The first incident I’d like to mention is from Ramayana when Ram, Sita and Lakshman are leaving towards forset after Ram is being banished. Queen Kaikeyi brings the garbs of ascetics which is made of kusha grass also known as ‘darbha’; The ‘darbha’ has a lot of importance in hindu culture; sages used it as a robe to wear, made mats and mattresses also

Kaikeyi brings the attire and says to the trio ”put these on”

atha ciiraaNi kaikeyii svayam aahR^itya raaghavam |
uvaaca paridhatsva iti jana oghe nirapatrapaa || 2-37-6 valmiki Ramayan

Kaikeyi shamelessly bringing ( the garb of ascetics) said to Ram ”put these on”

Both Ram and Lakshman wear these clothes then and there itself now its the turn of Sita ; Kaikeyi gives the dress of ascetics to Sita also; her (Sita’s) situation is described by Valmiki as a deer alarmed at the sight of seeing an entrapment .

tha aatma paridhaana artham siitaa kausheya vaasinii |
samiikSya ciiram samtrastaa pR^iSatii vaaguraam iva || 2-37-9

Sita is embarrased to wear them in front of many men and women present there, she’s embarrassed not because she has to wear it but she doesn’t know how to wear them! To a princess who has never worn anything but silk this is indeed new to her; with eyes full of tears she turns to Ram and asks ”how do they wear the garbs of ascetics? saying thus she errs again and again in wearing them.

katham nu ciiram badhnanti munayo vana vaasinaH |
iti hyakushalaa siitaa saamumoha muhurmuhuH || 2-37-12

Seeing her in distress and dilemma Ram immediately comes to her rescue and shows her how to wear the ascetic clothes (on her silk dress)

In these few verses so much has been done about how much Ram loved and cared for Sita also when she wears the clothes in presence of the men and women present in assembly wail peitiously saying what calamity had befallen on their beloved princess.


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