Illusion of Wealth

I found a very interesting quote on Wealth and the illusion it creates on the minds of people, here it goes:

Yasyasti vittam sa nara: kulina:

Sa pandita: Sa shrutavanguNjna: (1)

Sa evam vakta: San guNajna;

Sarve guNaha kanchanmashratye (2) [ Neeti Shataka-artha padhati]

A wealthy person is considered as to belonging to civilized family; Is eloquent; is all nobility personified and good looking , such is the illusion of wealth for everything is controlled by it.

The wealthy people in this world rule this society, whatever they say is true and however cruel are considered as noble. Don’t we see the illusion of wealth? Its applied universally; the oil producing countries are richest because of their oil resources they literally rule the world-even though they are embodiment of cruelty for the cruelty on human beings is very well known and violation of human rights is just a casual thing.No other country dare even lift a finger to them obviously for the reason of getting access to oil.

For centuries together we see that its a clash of ‘economic status’ between individuals and societies as such. A wealthy society is considered as civilized where as a society which has intellectuals but is not very wealthy is not so civilized 😦   Wealth is more valued than intellectuals. Such is the illusion of wealth.


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