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It seems our desi filmy heroes have been bitten by the blog-bug , first it was Mr Perfectionist-Aamir Khan. and now its Angry( NOT )young man Amitabh bachchan;Now shouldn’t they be making controversies ? To make their point! Nobody listening them otherwise?!

AB has been using to write about his problems with political supremos in Mumbai -the Raj Thackare controversy.

Aamir Khan too is known to blog about his musings AND his recent blog on none other than SRK his old rival; apparently he has named his pet dog Shahrukh . He also goes on writing that his dog SRK wants his (Aamir’s ) attention!! and dog shahrukh licks his feet  😯 ha! if anybody needs attention its YOU, otherwise why this blog post??? He plays safe enough to just mention the first name so its left for us readers to start assuming things but let me tell that all this is ofcourse deliberate and attention grabbing.

Their rivalry isn’t new ,it all started when SRK won the best actor for DDLJ and Aamir’s tapori act in RANGEELA was given a raw deal which made the latter boycott all award functions. Also in subsequent years ’twas King Khan who ruled the roost not only at box-office but in awards as well. Even though his movies Hum hai rahi pyar ke was a hit and bagged best actress (JUHI) and beat film award, he was conveniently avoided then the SRK stammered KKKKKKKiran and the whole nation fell for it- he was an icon for all obsessive lovers. Actually Aamir should be happy B’coz its he who got ‘Kiran’ not SRK 😉 *silly LOL*

Some how I admired both of them for they both are so different. SRK has that challenging ‘I’m the best attitude’, though doesn’t have the looks , he has that uncanny ability to attract people and make an impression, we should also note that he made it big all by himself with no support from family. I didn’t like him really but two films changed my views, viz; Raju ban gaya gentleman and Yess Boss, he has portrayed a common man so well with their aspirations and dreams they have and yes he showed that they can be heros too. Not to mention he is a shrewd businessman too.


While Aamir is a perfectionist, of stringent principles is (was) a cutie 🙂 and ofcourse a great performer. I admire him from the days of QSQT- so charming and innocent, he immediately became the pin-up boy, as a teenager I had his posters all over my school cup-board, he has managed consistently to give great performances down the years. Taare zameen par, Rangeela and Sarfarosh -these are the movies I like to see again and again…..

I’m sad to see that sensible people stoop so low to get attention (?) or is it something else? Is Aamir jealous of SRK’s popularity?! Is he less popular than SRK? then what is it?? Lemme me remind you SRK has a statute at MAdame Tussauds not you . Is this the pain in your a@* ?? 😮

Yeah, yeah Aamir you’ve got enough of spot-light now…… just something ‘controversial’ and we all fell for it.

SRKNow lets get back to AB-SRK spat which again is not new, AB threw tantrums on the sets of Bhootnath and also demanded some changes in script according to a news coz SRK had a pretty important role too. AB also doesn’t refrain himself from commenting on the new kid-quiz show Kya aap pachvi pass se tez hai?! Saying SRK himself is pachvi fail becoz his show isn’t garnering satisfactory trp’s Now why is AB worried,Oh are you worried for SRK suddenly or are you saying out of jealousy??….well, well time will tell, who will fare better.

And now its over to you SRK, what you say? We’re listening.


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  2. shah rukh should’nt worry about the other people because he is the best .

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