Skin show and IPL

So much has been said about cheer leaders at the IPL and the controversy it created becoz of their skimpy clothes and dancing ofcourse. But we need to understand that they’re just doing their job anyway and they are definitely not to be blamed. The girls most of them foreigners recalled their horror stories-how they were jeered and subject to lewd comments from men around even women hated them,I guess and the TV viewers too surely despised them saying cricket now cannot be watched with families and kids around, which is true to some extent; the political leaders were very quick at it and then Wham! they were BANNED. everybody knows this, but what prompted me to write was that in spite of this cheer-leaders were seen dancing in an IPL match a few days ago albeit with some clothes on!! now its interesting to see whether they get any lewd comments even now.

Cheer leaders before

To some cricket lovers like me the cheer leading adds no entertainment value, however some think it ‘spices’ up things ❗ -This is what I got as an answer from an expert writer, when asked on this topic on a blog comment.

Frankly I don’t understand this, Why do we need to ape our western counterparts? Cheer leading is a big thing in US, its history is about 100 yrs old, unbelievable but true. what started as a voluntary act became a pro thingy with schools and universities vying each other to represent their respective teams at national levels also there are annual cheer leading awards-many films are made inspired by this. I am not saying here that its right to be a part of Indian sports arena, what I want to say is that when we are now used to see all the skin show in movies why can’t we tolerate it to be seen on a cricket field?! If cheer leaders are accused of wearing skimpy clothes and suggestive dance moves then what are our actresses(here I mean both, heroine and extras dancing for an item number) doing in films? There’s absolutely no difference between the two. It has to do more with our attitudes – An average desi should change the way he/she looks at things.

Cheer leaders now

Now coming to politicians and their moral policing, don’t they have other things to do?? Are they able to stop crimes against women? Don’t they attend any nautankis or tamashas where girls are half clad, 🙄 why are they against cheer leaders dancing? What have they done about rehabilitating the dance bar girls, women in twilight areas are frequently harassed by both policemen and politicians alike. First contribute some thing to the betterment of such women. stop girls from being harassed on the days of New yrs and Holi. That would be a real contribution.


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  2. @ JB: What about it??

  3. Nice Website, with lot of informations.
    Love Cricket and the nice girls
    Thank you !

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