Some Blog- tooning……

How to become famous?!

(Image credits: Dave Walker)

Wanna become famous?! ‘Start blogging’ is the mantra. Now-a-days everybody is taking ‘Weblogging’ seriously LOL and thus becoming famous but how?? Look above, the category on the left side belongs to all film personalities – they’re already famous but were not bloggers,they took blogging and Oh ! look they’re famous bloggers and the category on right side belongs to us amateurs like us, we’re not famous, but can become bloggers-the weblog sites will do the rest……. and TaDa!! we’re ‘famous bloggers’

One more……..this one is for all bloggers(including me) who are finding ‘topics’ for blogging

(Image credits: Dave Walker)

Well,well know what?! I just found one! and I need not look out the window…….why do we have the ‘Internet’ ? ? just like I found the one above 😉

Have your read my blog??

(Image credits: Savage chicken)


Just imagine: Big (Blogger) Bachchan asking in his inimitable style ‘Mere pass paisa hai,gadi hai, BLOG hai,tumhare pass kya hai?!-Big B ji mere pass SIRF blog hi toh hai……

And finally I’m reminded of a Shubhashita,it says: GhaTam bhitva paTam chitva kuryaad vaagardhabhahsvanam yena kenaapi upayena prasiddha: purusho bhava.

Which means, Break pots(such that all be known) tear clothes, bray like a donkey (talk non-sense) Do whatever it takes,but DO become famous!!

Everybody likes to become famous,appreciated by all but we should be reasonable enough to choose HOW we become famous….

(Psst…plz take this in humor)


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  1. ha ha!! rofl, thank god i don’t blog.

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