IvaLe VeeNapaNi…

This is about a song in Kannada sung in praise of goddess Saraswati-the goddess of learning. This devotional song is beautifully sung by S. Janaki .I grew up listening to this song and is one of my favorites ,I listen to this song every now and then,it has such a divine effect . It struck to me:why not put it online?? so here it comes…….

ಇವಳೇ ವೀಣಾ ಪಾಣಿ, ವಾಣಿ ತುಂಗಾ ತೀರ ವಿಹರಿಣಿ ಶ್ರಿಂಗೇರಿ ಪುರ ವಾಸಿನಿ..()
ಶಾರದಾ ಮಾತೆ ಮಂಗಳದಾತೆ ಸುರ ಸಂಸೆವಿತೆ ಪರಮ ಪುನಿತೆ,ವಾರಿಜತನ ಹೃದಯ ವಿರಾಜಿತೆ ನಾರದ ಜನನಿ ಸುಜನ ಸಂಪ್ರಿತೇ….ಇವಳೇ ವೀಣಾ ಪಾಣಿ…..

ಆದಿ ಶಂಕರ ಅರ್ಚಿತೇ ಮಧುರೆ ನಾದ ಪ್ರಿಯೆ ನವಮಣಿ ಮಯ ಹಾರೆ ವೇದಾ ಅಖಿಲ ಶಸ್ತ್ರಾ ಆಗಮ ಸಾರೆ ವಿದ್ಯಾ ದಯಿನಿ ಯೋಗ ವಿಚರೆ …..
ಇವಳೇ ವೀಣಾ ಪಾಣಿ ವಾಣಿ ತುಂಗಾ ತೀರ ವಿಹರಿಣಿ ಶ್ರಿಂಗೇರಿ ಪುರ ವಾಸಿನಿ

(I have taken care in putting it correctly in Kannada,however forgive me for typo errors,if any )

Goddess Saraswati

(Image credits: keralainfo.com.com)

All the images of Goddess Saraswati persistently depict the goddess holding the VeeNa which symbolises music and also vedas which symbolize knowledge. Also shown are a Swan and peacock symbolizing beauty and virtues, goddess Saraswati is shown as attired in white clothes symbolizing purity and austerities i.e one should be an ascetic like to obtain her blessings in form of knowledge

Transliteration :

She (goddess Saraswati) is the holder of Veena (She is the one who strings the Veena) who loves wandering /visiting the banks of river Tunga and the one who resides in the town of Shringeri.

Mother Sharada/Saraswati who is always auspicious and is flanked by other gods in reverence ,is an embodiment of purity ;She rules the heart of Vaarijata(another name of Brahma) and is the Mother of Naradathe godsaint , who likes to be among the virtuous.
one who was ardently worshipped by aadi Shankara (first of Shankaracharyas) in whose praise melodious songs were composed and sung ,whose neck adorns the not the jewellery but melodious/divine sound (music) ; goddess Saraswati wears a necklace of nine jewels in the form of nine divine sounds. She is the source of all vedas and shastras (source of all knowledge) and who emerges, and can be obtained by Yoga (knowledge can be obtained only by the blessings of Saraswati,by practicing and complete devotion towards her)

Footnotes: Sharada is another name of goddess Saraswati,it literally means autumn also meanswhite lotusorwhite clouddevotees have similied the face of goddess Saraswati to a white lotus hence the nameSharada

Shringeri is a town situated on the banks of river tunga in Karnataka state known for one of the four maThas established by aadi Shankaracharya the other three being in Dwarka in west,JoshimaTh in UttarakhanD in north, Puri jagannath in east , to revive Hinduism which had taken a back seat since the advent of Buddhism.
The origin of Shringeri comes fromShringagirimountain of deers also is associated with Rishyashringa of Ramayana,who conducts the putra-kameshTi Yajna for King Dasharatha.
Thus Shringeri is one of the places dedicated to the worship of goddess Saraswati.

(image credit:karnatkatravels.com)

Shringeri maTha

To listen to this song online,visit Here Shringeri sharada maTh


11 Responses

  1. Wonderful write up 🙂 Thanks dear for this….i was searching this song lyrics from a long time

  2. thanks Naks,am glad ’twas of ur help.

  3. this was one of the initial devotional songs my teacher had taught us in school about 30 years back in bangalore, i was searching for the lyrics from a longtime n i got it today, thanks for your effort, really excellent work done in this site, i could hear the song also sung by janaki in her melodious voice (actually now i am working in bahrain rarely get a chance to search or ask someone unlike in india). we cant imagine living without internet these days. i recently got internet connected to my home hence i can spend a lot of time on accessing pure devotional songs, devaranamas which is my only pasttime. best wishes.

  4. in pursuit of perfection n betterment, i hope u can revise the lyrics in kannada, mainly dheerga swaras are reqd in vihArini, sam-sEvithe, punEthe, vAri-jAsana (referring to brahma who is seated on lotus ), samprEthe, priyE, vedA-khila-shAstra (one single or conjoined word), dAyine. kindly recheck with seniors before making changes. thanks.

  5. Thanks for ur comments on this post. Yes this is the song which I like the most hence attempted to put it online, will also correct the typo errors made. Thanks again for ur advice.

  6. Sirs can you send a good picture of saraswathy sitting on Hamsa , Dhyana sloka of Bharathy which begins with ” Hamsarooda harahasitha

  7. Super write up

    S.Janaki songs always great

  8. @ pala sreekumar: still finding a pic of ‘hamsaroodha Saraswati” will surely write about the hymn you’ve requested, thanks for ur comments.

    @ Abhilash: thanks, yes S. Janaki has a huge collection of melodious songs to her credit.

  9. Hi,Thanks a lot for the song .this was one of the most beatiful song and even it was a song which we use to sing in our school days i was in search of the lyrics of this song..i appreciate your effort..hope more songs will come up like this

  10. Is there any link to listen that song online

  11. Janakiamma is a Sharadhamba

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