The Fevicol Trick!

All mothers of infant and toddlers would agree with me that its hard to make kids sit at one place -peacefully…

The Fevicol ad makers have used this fact and portrayed it very effectively in their ads.

A typical mommy finds its hard to make her kid sit at one place so that she takes an empty Fevicol can and makes her kid sit on it and lo!! her trik works 🙂 The kid is ‘stuck’ up on the can,and the mommy happily watches over him happily,while she works peacefully. Wish this trick works for me too -?

Set in the background of Rajasthan desert with the lady calling out to her kid ‘Chora itthe aa’ and the kid running away only to annoy her. This ad featured sometime in 2006 was a great hit among masses,needless to say that the Fevicol ads bring out what is unthinkable,with a glint of humor.


2 Responses

  1. hahaha! is this for real? I mean they actually made an ad like this? Watched it for the first time. Thanks for the laughs. 😀

  2. Yep this is a real ad first appeared (on TV) sometime in 2006
    am glad u liked it,thanks.

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