Thought for the day-testing times

GhrushTham ghrushTham punarupi punashchandanam charugandham
Chinnam chinnam punarupi punaH swadu chaivekshukaNDam
dagdham dagdham punarupi punaH kanchanam kantvarNam
PraNantE pi hi prakritivikrtirjayatE nattomanam

Sandalwood when rubbed against a stone (repeatedly) produces a paste of sandalwood giving out fragrance; Only when sugar cane is crushed between stone/metal you get the sweet tasting sugarcane juice. Gold when heated in fire and beaten several times gives out its luster for which it is known. Similarly even when pushed into threatening situations,the noble/virtuous will never give up on their virtues.
Only when someone is tested his/her virtues are known to others,therefore testing times are not bad at all-it brings out the best in you 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Very nice. 🙂

    Btw, when did you give up your blog with same name on blogspot? It’s invaded by bad people. 😦 Don’t go there.

  2. yes I got to know a couple of days back 😦 the change in addres was not intentional, i was just experimenting……

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