Thought for the day-‘Hello Doctor’!

VaidyaRaja namastubhyam YamaRajsahodara
Yamastu harati praNaan Vaidyo praNaan dhananincha

This shubhashita taunts those doctors who do not treat their patients in a proper way and who’ve made the profession of Doctors’ a way to suck money from people.
The Shubhashita says: O Doctor I salute you for you are a distant cousin to Yamaraja-the God of Death,the only differnce being that Yama takes away only a creature’s life but you (doctor) strip him of life as well as wealth.

image credit:,cartoonist: T McCracken


3 Responses

  1. There was a day when I would have just laughed at this quote. Thinking it foolish of something, but not true. Sadly my views have changed of late and I agree with it totally. Thankfully these doctors are in the minority but none the less they are there

  2. The quote isn’t written by me but what it says is (sadly) very true

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