Wise sayings of Sarvadnya

Sarvadnya or Sarvagna a Kannada saint-poet lived in 16th century and his contribution to Kannada literature is in valuable his Shubhashitas or VachanagaLu as they’re called in Kannada are in the form of triads or three lined quotes have an indelible effect on the minds of people and also teach some valuable lessons of life.

Birth: Sarvagna’s original name is ‘Pushpa-datta’ his father was a Shaivate Brahmin and his mother was a Shudra widow. His birth and life are not correctly recorded but many scholars think he might have lived in 16th century.

Contributions: His contribution to mankind is invaluable, in the form of ‘tripadi’ his vachanas have had a profound effect on people and their life-style. He was also a reformist (?) He spent most of his life roaming around different places, the peculiarity of his writing style is that he includes his own name in all the tripadis as though he is educating himself -all his vachanas end with ‘KeLu Sarvadnya’- Listen Sarvadnya!

Another poet who wrote in same style was ‘Vemana’ who wrote in Telugu.

Sarvadnya has more than 2000 Vachanas to his credits but again whether all these are his? Is a question according to many researchers.

Through his vachanas he touched many serious social issues including religious and moral ones ….

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