Our share of ignorance…..

Today morning, as usual I logged into my laptop and at the same time was sipping tea,just as I was browsing, mil asked: Is this a ‘Laptop’ or a ‘Computer’ ?!  😀   I burst out laughing, probably mil felt embarrased and immediately tried to correct her question….I stopped laughing too and told her how  both were similar yet both had different features, but somehow I felt uneasy too when I thought over the same. When I grow old maybe I too will ask some questions and maybe they’ll sound silly in the eyes of my children, this is just one thing,in actual sense there are so many things that I’m not aware of ….Oh  I’m an ignorant fool! …..but then we learn only those things that we want to also we listen to only those things that we want to listen . So whether we want to hear that we’re are ignorant or not is in our control (?) With technology changing at the speed of the mind we can’t say we’ll be able to learn everything,but certainly we can make an effort to know at least a little about it so that our next gen will not mock at us 🙂


2 Responses

  1. This would be my mother haha. She’s slowly getting into using more and more technology and just working her through the email process was a chore, but I think the generation Y’ers are very well versed in technology. The key is making sure everyone stays versed in it. I know my girlfriend hates all of it (minus her cellphone for texting and her computer for loading pictures and chatting) anything beyond that is above her and she doesn’t care about.

  2. I tried that with my parents too but gave up finally 😦 and they don’t regret it,they would rather take greatness in being ignorant than learning new tech

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