Dhyana shlokas

Sometime back a reader requested for Dhyana shloka of goddess Saraswati but then I did not have access to it . Now I’ve managed to get a few of them which are dedicated to various gods.

But first, let me tell the difference between a Stotra and Dhyana shloka:

A stotra is a verse dedicated to a particular god by praising him/her whereas a Dhyana shloka describe the deity and help the devotee to bring the deity in his/her mind and proceed with meditation.

Some of the dhyana shlokas are listed below:

Dhyana Shloka for Ganapati:

SindhUrabham, trinetram, prathutarajataram hasta padmair dadaanam,
Dantam pashungusau swum hyoorukaravilsad beeja pUrabhiramam,
Balendu dhyota maulim gajapati vadanam dhanapurardra gandam,
Bhogheendrabhadha bhUsham, bhajata ganapatim, raktavastrangaragam.

Pray that Ganapathi, who is of the colour of saffron,
Who has three eyes, has a very big paunch and prettily holds,
In his four lotus like hands, tusk, rope, goad and lemon,
Who wears the rising crescent moon on his head,
Who has a face of an elephant and neck wet with exuberance,
And who wears ornaments of snakes, red cloths and red marks on his forehead.

Dhyana Shloka for Vishnu:

Shanthakaram Bhujaga sayanam Padmanabham suresham,
Viswadharam Gagana sadrusham Megha varnam shubangam
Lakshmi kantam kamala nayanam Yogi hridyana gamyam
Vande vishnum bava bhayaharam sarva lokaika natham

I bow before the God Vishnu, who is peace personified,sleeping on his folded arms;from whose naval, sprouts a lotus and is lord of gods. Who is very much the basis of this earth,whose color resembles the color of rain cloud. He is the one with auspacious arms,the eternal consort of Lakshmi is seen by yogis through thought and gets rid of all fears and worries of his devotees he being the lord of all worlds.

Dhyana shloka for Saraswati: As requested by a Reader

HamsarUdha harabhasitha harendu kundavadhata,
VanI mandasmithyuta mukhI maulibhandendu lekha,
Vidhya veenamrutha maya ghatakshasragadeepthahasta,
Shubrabjastha bhavadhabhimathaprapthaye bharathee syath.

Let our wishes be fulfilled by goddess Sarawathi,
Who rides on a swan, who is of the colour of,
Ash worn by Lord Shiva, chain of pearl,
Moon and the jasmine flower,
Who has a face lit by her slight smile,
Who wears the crescent on her head,
Who holds in her four hands, book,
Veena, pot of nectar and a chain of rudraksha, whose seat is a white lotus.

more follows……


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