Chankya neeti-chapter 1

Today’s post is the continuation of yesterday’s post. Below listed are the verses from first chapter of Chanakya neeti

तदहं संप्रवक्ष्यामि लोकानां हितकाम्यया | 

येना विज्ञ्यान्मत्रेण सर्वज्ञ्नत्व प्रपद्यते  ||

So I shall tell you the words of wisdom for the betterment of of the whole world; This is one knowledge which will help the reader know about worldly matters.

 (chanakya neeti 1.3)

मुर्ख्शिश्योपदेशें  दुश्त्स्त्रिभार्नेना   |
दुःखितैसम्प्रयोगें  पण्दितोप्यावासीदाति ||

(chapt 1:4)

 No matter how learned and intelligent you are you will see your down fall IF you have:

a fool,manipulator as your student; an unscrupulous lady as your wife; being in a company of sadists; all the mentioned people should be avoided.

दुष्ठ  भार्या  शटं  मित्रं  भ्रुत्योस्चोत्तारादायाकः  |
ससर्पे    गृहे  वासो  मृत्य्रेवा    संशयः  || ( : )

Death is a certain outcome if you have a dishonest, ill-tempered wife or if you have a friend scheming against you; or a servant who talks behind your back or you have a house infested by snake.

आपदर्थे  धनं  रक्षेद  दारण  रक्षेद धनैरपि  |
आत्मानम्  सततं  रक्षेद  दारैरपि  धैरापी  || ( : )

 Save money for difficult times but whenyour beloved’s life is in danger the money should be given away. If your life is at stake every thing else (wife,money) should not be given importanceOne should save money for difficult times but when goddess Lakshmi seems to leave you , you’ll see that even stored money getting out of your hand hence one should spend unnecessarily.


 आपदर्थे  धनं  रक्शेच्च्म्तमं  कुता  आपद :  |
कदच्चिचालिता  लक्ष्मी :  सज्चितोपी  विनश्यति  || ( : )



यस्मिन  देशो    सम्मनों    वृत्तिनर    बंधवा : |
   विद्याग्म : कास्चित  तं  देशम  परिवर्ज्येत  || ( : )

A place where you don’t have respect, where you cannot make a living nor there’s scope for learning and where you don’t have friends, should be left for good.


 धनिक : श्रोत्रियो  रजा , नदी , वैद्यास्तु  पंच्जम : |
पच्जा  यात्रा    विद्यते    तत्र  दिवसं  वसेत  || ( : )


 When settling in a new city , you should look for a wealthy (with whom you can do business) learned (whose advise can be seeked) a good King (who does justice and maintains law n order) a river (as a source of water) and a doctor ( for obvious reasons)Chanakya provides some must haves on your list before choosing a new place for living.




लोकयात्रा  भयम  लज्जा  दक्ष्शिण्यं  त्याग्शिलाता  |
पंच्ज  यत्र    विद्यते    कुर्यात  तत्र  सम्स्थितिम  || ( : )

In this verse chanakya list some more features that a person should look for in the people of a city where one is settling in a new palcePeople should have some skills which you can learn from them.


1 A city’s people should be willing to travel since travelling brings them experience and knowledge of whats happening elsewhere

2 Law and order should prevail i.e people should be afraid of rules

3 People should be nobel,decent and liberal



जानियत  प्रेषने  भ्रुत्यान  बान्धवान  व्य्सनाँगामे  |
मित्रं  चापत्तिकलेशु  भार्याम  विभावाक्षये  || ( : )

A servant’s character is known by the remuneration he charges for doing work;your relative’s true colors are seen during your hard times; your friends are tested when you are in calamity and a wife’s test is when you are powerless (socially, mentally,physically) 

The one who sticks with you through your thick and thin is your (true) friend.


 यो  ध्रुवाणि  परित्यज्य  अन्ध्रुवं  परिवेशते  |
ध्रुवाणि  तस्य  नश्यन्ति  अन्ध्रुवं  नाष्ठ्मेवा    || ( : )



People should look after and protect what they have otherwise if you neglect what you have and run after for what you dont own ;you’ll end up losing both.

वरयेत  कुलाजाम  प्रज्ञो  विरुपामी  कन्याकम  |
रूपवातिम    नीचस्य  विवाह : सदृशे  कुले  || ( : )


Wise men marry women of good character even if they are not beautiful but it should not be the other way round.


नाखिनां  च  नदीनाम  च  श्रुद्गिनाम  शास्त्रपणिनाम  |

विश्वासों  नैव  कर्तव्य : स्त्रीषु  राजकुलेशु  च  || (१ :१ )

Never trust the following: Animals with claws and horns for they may strike you unexpectedly; a river for it may flood; an armed person and a woman of royal birth for she may be manipulative.

विषादप्यामृतम  गृह्यम मेध्यदापी  काच्ज्नम     |
नीचाद्प्युत्तामा  विद्या  स्त्रीरत्नं  दुष्कुलादापी  || ( : )

 One should learn to accept the good part from a bad thing; If you find nectar among poison extract it, pick gold from trash (if any)similarly learn a good thing even from a wicked person; A women of good character should be accepted evn if her family is not good.




स्त्रिणां  द्विगुण  आहारो  बुद्धिस्तासां  चतुर्गुणा  |
सहसम  षड्गुणं  चैव  कामोष्ठ्गुणा  उच्यते  || ( : )

Women have twice the hunger, their intelligence is quadrapled 


Courage is six times while desires are eight times more then men.



 आतुरे  व्यसने  प्राप्ते  दुर्भिक्ष्शे  शत्रु  –संकटे  |
राजद्वारे  श्मशाने    यस्तिष्ठती  सा  बंधवा : || ( : )


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