When I was your age….

When it comes to comparing times of our childhood and that of our kids, we tend to compare those two situations and often end up over-doing it……every time we say to our kids: When I was your age…….This is arguably the most irritating phrase many kids find,perhaps we too felt the same when our parents compared us with themselves…

The problem with ‘when I was your age’ is that its a sermon disguised as nostalgia and unfortunately that doesn’t work, for kids instantly come to know that its another preachy stuff coming from a distance. The last thing they want to hear is ‘how their parents,grandparents walked long distances to get to school, shared things like toys,rooms-sometimes they didn’t even have a separate one,how they didn’t have a thing like ‘pocket money’ blah,blah…..
Todays kids find it heartening to hear that their parents too made the same mistakes as they do,parents were the same irresponsible ones just like they’re. This cuts the adult world down to size. 🙂

I am not saying that we shouldn’t share about how we spent our childhoods and the hardships faced( as compared to present situations) but they need not be in such a manner that kids of today feel guilty rather than feeling privileged .
Isn’t parenting ‘that extra effort’ that we’ve to make?! We should be skillful enough to narrate the tale of our childhood like its a story with a beginning and an end…..you’ll know whether you’re successful or not- the kids will tell you to narrate it, again and again…… 🙂


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