Illusion of Wealth

Following below is a collection of quotes which describes the illusion of wealth that prevails in this world…
I found a very interesting quote on Wealth and the illusion it creates on the minds of people, here it goes:

Yasyasti vittam sa naraH kulinaH
Sa panditaH Sa shrutavanguNjnaH (1)
Sa evam vaktaH San guNajna;
Sarve guNaha kanchanmashratye (2)

[ Neeti Shataka-artha paddhati]
A wealthy person is considered as to belonging toa civilized family; Is eloquent; is all nobility personified and good looking , such is the illusion of wealth for everything is controlled by it.

The wealthy people in this world rule this society, whatever they say is true and however cruel are considered as noble. Don’t we see the illusion of wealth? Its applied universally; the oil producing countries are richest because of their oil resources they literally rule the world-even though they are embodiment of cruelty for the cruelty on human beings is very well known and violation of human rights is just a casual thing.No other country dare even lift a finger to them obviously for the reason of getting access to oil.

For centuries together we see that its a clash of ‘economic status’ among individuals and among societies as such. A wealthy society is considered as civilized where as a society which has intellectuals but is not very wealthy is not so civilized Wealth is more valued than intellectuals. Such is the illusion of wealth.

Kuchaileenam dantmalopadhariNim Bahyashinam nishThurabhashiNim cha
suryodaye chastmeetE shayanam Vimuchchati Shreeyardi ChakrapaNiHi

One who wears unclean clothes, has his mouth unclean/doesn’t keep his teeth clean.Speaks harshly,abusively,sleeps at Sunrise and/or at Sunset respectively;Lakshmi,the goddess of wealth will leave him regardless of who he is(She will leave him,even if he is her husband-Vishnu-ChakrapaNi,holder of Chakra/disc)
This quote tells that Lakshmi the goddess of wealth is unbiased of gender,caste,creed etc and will bless according to their ‘Karma’. Even if her husband-Vishnu is at fault,she will not spare him.

Udyoginam purushasimham upayiti LakshmiH
Daivam pradhanam ithi kaapurushaah vadanti,
Daivam vihaya kuru paurusham atmasaktya
Yatney kritey yadi na sidhyanti kotra doshaha.

Lakshmi,the goddess of wealth blesses only those who are courageous and industrious,those who strive forward and believe in action and not those who solely depend on things to happen by themselves or by assuming that things will happen as they’re predestined by fate,which alone they say that Fate is more important than Actions.

It is only the daring and the adventurous that succeed in life.Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth goes to such person and favors him with, wealth and prosperity.Only the weak-minded people take cover on ” fate”and take an excuse for not starting a work.The writer of the Shubhashita here asks a question generally raised by the weakminded: “What is the guarantee that the work started, if at all, will win ?”. The writer says that even if it does not succeed,what is the fault here?It is better to try and lose,rather than not to try at all.


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