Thought for the day-Illusive appearance

Hansa: shveto, baka: shevto; Shvetoko bhedo baka-hansyo?
Neer-ksheera bhedo hanso: hanso: baka: baka:

The Swan and Crane are white in color respectively, but what really differentiates between them is the ability of swan to differentiate water and milk-This unique capability makes swan a ‘Swan’ and crane a ‘Crane’.

This shubhashita intends to tell that we should not be trapped by the illusion of an appearance put on by people but learn to recognize their true qualities.

There’s a similar shubhashita which says:

KakaH krishnaH peekaH krishnaH Ko bhedaH peeka-kakyoH ?
Vasanta samaye kakaH kakaH peekaH peekaH

The crow is black so is the nightingale; how do you know which is which,only by looking at it??
Come spring and you know which is a crow and a nightingale respectively. For, a nightingale will sing sweetly…….a crow cannot!

A person’s true qualities are known when tested, it helps differentiate between people who put on an appearance of being good but aren’t. So tests and testing times are not that bad at all! What y’all say?


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