Thought for the day-this world is one big family(?)

I heard this shubhashita in my childhood on TV during some international summit and after hearing it being quoted I developed a liking to learn shubhashitas;I heard from my parents that there were many such good quotes in Sanskrit, but this one is my all time favorite

Here it goes:

Ayam nijaH paro veti GaNa naam laghu chetasam
Udaar charitaNaam tu Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

This is ours, that isn’t; those are our people these aren’t- such thoughts occur only in the minds of prejudiced,narrow minded people; for liberals,broad minded intellectuals, This world is ONE big family.

What a profound message conveyed! Let us shed our personal prejudices and make this shubhashita a reality…….Isn’t it the need of the hour?


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