Importance of Education

Here are shubhashitas in Sanskrit that stress on the importance of education and how the power of knowledge out-weighs everything else.

“Maataa Shatroo Pitaa Vairi Yen Balo Na Paathitaa Na Shobhate Sabhaa Madhye Hansa Madhye kako Yathaa.”

Mother and Father who do not encourage their child’s education are his enemies indeed ; an illiterate among educated one is the same as,in a group of Swans the Crow is neither wanted nor admired.

“Na Gyanen Sadrusham Pavitram Iha Vidyate.”

Nothing is more sacred than the education (knowledge).

“Na Chora Haaryam Na Cha Raja Haaryam,
Na Bhraturbhajyam Na Cha Bhaarakaari
Vyaye Krute Vardhta Eva Nityam,
Vidyaa Dhanam Sarva Dhanam Pradhaanam.”

Knowledge is such that a thief can not steal, king or government can not snatch, siblings can not ask for a share,Its never a burden(you don’t have to carry it as a burden) and it only increases after spending it; therefore the wealth of knowledge is the foremost of all other wealthy possessions.

“Vidya naam narasya roopam-adhikam prachchanna gupta dhanam
Vidya bhogakari yasha sukhakari Vidya guruNam guru:
Vidya bandhujano videshagamane Vidya para daivataa
Vidya rajashu Poojitaa na tu dhanam Vidya vihina pashu.”

Education beautifies man-A hidden treasure of wealth,Cause of fame, happiness and fulfillment of all worldly desires,Master of all masters;Appreciated among the family members as well as in foreign countries, a cause of highest bliss;Honored by the King where wealth is not honored
A person without education is an animal indeed.

“Saahitya Sangeet Kalaa Vihina sakshat pashu puchchhavishaan heena trunam Na Khadanapi jevaman stadbhagyadheyam paramam naranam.”

A person who is not having( even little) knowledge of literature, music and art is like an animal without horns and tail, It is the highest fortune of the animals that he lives without eating grass.

“Vidyaa Vivaadaaya Dhanam Madaaya Shakti Pareshaam Paripeedanaay Khalsya Sadhorviparitametad Gnyaayaay Daanaaya Cha Rakshanaaya.”

In case of a wicked, Knowledge is for arguments, wealth is for ego and power or strength is for causing distress and subduing others; Whereas it is reverse in case of the noble, where knowledge is for educating others, wealth is for donating and power is for protecting others.

“Prathame naarjitaa Vidyaa dvitiye Narjitam Dhanam Tritiye Narjitam Poonyam Chaturthe Kim Karishyasi.”

If you have no education in first twenty five years, No wealth in second( twenty five years )and,if you don’t do any noble work in the next twenty five years then what you will do in the remaining twenty five years?

“Vidyaa Vinayena Shobhate.”

Education (Knowledge) combined with humility is appreciated.

Knowledge is like an unfathomable ocean, even if we gain a drop of it,we shouldn’t conclude of knowing everything and boast about one’s power of knowledge, the above shubashita conveys the same meaning.

Na-asti vidya sama chakshu, na-asti satya sama tapa:
Na-asti raag sama dukham, na-asti tyaga sama sukham

No vision as as powerful as the vision of knowledge; abiding by truth is the foremost of all other austerities; There’s no pain than the pain caused by desire, Happiness gained by sacrifice (of desires) is the ultimate one.
In my college days I had this funny habit of looking onto a college prospectus and finding a quote which usually is made on ‘learning’, ‘knowledge’ etc on the logo; I’m quoting some of them below:

Vidya sarvatra vandite. alternatively; Vidya sarvatra poojite which means knowledge is worshipped everywhere.

Amrutam tu vidya-Knowledge is eternal.

“Sa Vidyaa Yaa Vimuktaye.”

Education is that which uplifts the Soul.

This quote talks more about virtues of having a good character, but I have listed it because,its through Knowledge only that we’re able to build a good character for ourselves 🙂
videsheshu dhanam vidyaa
vyasaneshu dhanam matihi
parloke dhanam dharmaha
sheelam sarvatra vaidhanam

In foreign land, your education is your wealth.
In bad times, your wisdom is your wealth.
In heaven (other world where the soul goes after death), your dharma (duty, sprituality) is your wealth.
Your character is your wealth everywhere.

(courtesy: Kanan)
for the above quote.

Another shubhashita,which has a profound meaning:

Vidya vinayam dadhati, vinayam yaati patrataam
Patrataam dhanamapnoti dhanat dharmam tata: sukham

with knowledge you get humility, humility makes you worthy and worth helps you get wealth;wealth when invested in charity and utilized for doing good/righteous deeds will lead to salvation(you’ll obtain eternal bliss)

A wonderful message!


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  1. Excellent excellent post, Medha! I didn’t know some of them and thank you for reminding me of the forgotten ones. This is to be add to my favorite posts.

    My favorite of all is “na chora haaryam…”

    ps. thanks for putting up mine as well, with the link. 🙂

  2. thanks !

  3. It will also be very useful for the readers if you post the anvaya for the shubhashitas and meaning of the individual words. Nice post.

  4. Thank you for your Excellent explanations and the keeping up our epics …

    Vysh @ The Colourful Eyes

  5. thanks a lot. Can you put up the meanings in sanskrit??

  6. thank you a lotttttt…..its very useful…:)it’ll be nice if u put up the quotes in sanskrit lang to avoid spelling mistakes in sanskrit.

  7. Thank you very much. Exactly what I was looking for.

  8. Apurba sundaram

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