Thought for the day-Life in humiliation..

Varam praNa parityago maana bhangena jeevanat;
PraNa tyagam kshaNa dukhe maanabhange din~e,din~e [chanakya neeti]

Chankaya says that its better to die than suffer in humiliation for if you die once you’re to suffer momentarily but by living in humiliation you’ll suffer for ever.
This quote discloses a very important aspect of his own life. chankya before being known as chankya or Kautilya was known through his original name ‘Vishnu-gupt’ and he suffered great humiliation from the ruler of Magadha- Dhanananda the despot ruler and last of Nanda dynasty to rule, it is on then onwards he decides to avenge his humiliation and restore a righteous rule in Bharat-varsha through Chandra-gupt Maurya. For Chanakya the mission becomes more of a personal one rather than a social one.

Isn’t it interesting to see that the one who wrote that ‘death is better than life in humiliation’ had to live a large part of his life remembering that humiliation!!


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