Shubhashita and humor

shubhashita are not sermons always, there are a few Shubhashita which are humorous with a glint of humor and irony which denotes that the writers of Shubhashita had a good sense of humor 🙂

कमल  ब्रह्म  शेते  हरः  शेते  हिमालय  |

 क्षीराब्धौ    हरिः  शेते  मन्ये  मत्कुनाशंकाया  ||

Brahma sleeps on a lotus, Shiva in the Himalayas; Vishnu on a serpent bed in the ocean; all these do so because of fer of bed bugs  😀

चितां  प्रज्वलितं  दृष्ट्वा  वैद्यो  विस्मयामागातः  |

 नहं  गतः    में  भरता  कस्येदम  हस्तलाघवं  ||

(The one above is a remark on doctors with a hint of irony and humor)

A doctor is taken aback seeing a dead body on a pyre and remarks ” I did not do it nor did my brother get him there, then whose did this “??   🙄

On Poverty- Plight of the poor people in a humorous and in an ironical sense:

भो  दरिद्र्यम  नमस्तुभ्यम  सिद्धो &हम  तत्प्रसादतः  |

 पश्याम्य हम  जगत  सर्वं    मम  पश्यति  कश्चन  ||

O Poverty! tribute to you; its by your esteemed grace that I have obtained master in sorcery since I see the whole world and nobody takes a note of me.

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