Thought for the day- control over emotions

Uparyupari lokasya sarvO bhavitumicchati |
YatatE cha yatha-shakti na cha tadwartatE tatha ||

Everyone in this world is involved in ‘cat-fight’ and wants to out do each other; even though people try their best ,not all are successful. This is the rule of nature so one should not be depressed by failures nor shoul be overjoyed at success
similar to the lesson of Bhagvad-gita which says that “One’s duty is paramount and should have faith and continue it without coveting for the ‘fruits’ since for actions done fruits will be obtained accordingly”


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  1. So true. Do your best and leave the results in God’s hands. But, to use the word “paramount” for something like duty is a bit of overkill, wouldn’t you agree? The merriam-webster online dictionary defines it as being superior to all others. The Word of God tells us that while indeed it is essential for one to work or to perform his or her duty to fulfill moral, legal, functional or otherwise tasks to put one’s heart to rest; and to work diligently and heartily as if being employed by and working for God himself but nothing can be more paramount than knowing Him and His plan for us.

    We have but a few years of life on this planet, and soon we shall all depart and stand before Him who will in all probability, no, in all certainty; ask each of us that one question that will clarify the priorities we place on trivial objects – I made this universe and placed you in this tiny planet with all the things you needed to survive – measuring out exact and deliberate quantities of chemicals to sustain you in the form of air, water, food, even relationships. What did you do with the life I gave you?

    A lesser mortal might just offer up a weak “ate, slept, worked” routine. More established and intellectually superior men and women would quote scripture or philosophies to try and prove their weak and pointless existence. What does it all boil down to? 2 Chappatis on the table. Think about it.

    Why does a person study? To gain academic achievement. Why does he or she do that? To get a better job. Why? To rack up the numbers in the bank account. And then? Get a good wife or husband. And then? To extend my family, to leave a legacy. Why? I want to be remembered. And then? And then, we die.

    The sum total of a man’s life on this earth can be described simply as – I worked (question: Why?) To put food on the table. Eventually, it all boils down to food. Two measly loves of bread.

    An entire life for that? What has our misplaced duty to do with that?

    If we look at the universe that God has created, we’ll understand not only the complexity and the power and the awesomeness of God, but also come to a realization that He put in a lot of effort (read investment) for just us. He had the sun and the moon and the stars fulfill their duties for each one of us. Everyone of us enjoyed the varieties of colors, smells, tastes, and feelings. Couldn’t He have created everything monotone? Couldn’t He have mass produced the human race? Everyone from the same template? That would have saved Him from creating a new and fresh blueprint for each and everyone of us.

    Standing in front of God, having understood the investment He has put in, seeing the sacrifice He has paid – we will not be able to answer Him.

    So, what is man to do? How can a simple human being understand an awesome God? How can one know the “plan” for his or her life? Boy, have I got great news for you!

    I’ll try to explain it with an analogy of our school system. We go to school and we’re not automatically admitted to the 10th grade. We’ve got to go through the paces. We’re admitted to the 1st grade. We study hard, we take our exams, and pass. We’re then eligible for grade 2. We can’t expect to enter into any other higher classes.

    Now, this earth is our proving ground. This isn’t the whole of God’s plan, it’s just the beginning. Death is our exit from this “school”. Eternity is to begin with our exit. The 60 to 80 years of life that God graciously gives us is to be spent proving ourselves to him.

    Some of us would then like to interject saying, “What kind of a God is this? Having us run around in circles and jump through hoops for His pleasure. Is He demented? Is God a sadist?”

    Fortunately no! God is Just. Let me rephrase it correctly: God is Justice. We take the word “just” and apply it to God, however, it is His character that defines what being just really is.

    Here are some hard facts:

    God is Justice, Justice demands that everyone be given a chance.
    God is Omniscient, In knowing everything, He knows who will go to heaven and who will go to hell without any interference from Him.

    And, yet He gives everyone a chance. He has given everyone a free will, so that using his free will, man may choose what is right and become an over comer.

    And the Bible is very clear about the reward of those who overcome

    Revelation 3:21 (Amplified Bible)

    He who overcomes (is victorious), I will grant him to sit beside Me on My throne, as I Myself overcame (was victorious) and sat down beside My Father on His throne.

    God has let us live on this earth is one goal. He’s testing us to see if we, using our own free will – will choose to follow His will. That will prove if we’re really worthy to sit with Him on the Throne.

    Let us leave the philosophies aside and come and ask our creator what Duties He would have us fulfill, what knowledge He would have us learn, which priorities to tackle at which times, and life would cease being the mentioned cat-fights. And, begin being what He intended – a life fully dependent on Him.

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