Who am I:

A (proud) blogger 😉 who dreams (of blogging) all day! As my blog caption says- am a Wanderingmind.

What I write:

Whatever inspires me; Whatever I happen to find interesting.

I also write @: blogger.com. I’ve taken up this recently though so you’re likely to find very few posts as of now.


My interests:

Reading, blogging ofcourse, Indian mythology, Quizzing.

One place I’d like to visit:

Its PARIS- so romantic!! also I wish I get to visit San-Antonio’s river walk again, wow (I’m already dreaming 😎 )

SAN-ANTONIO :River walk

San-Anotino,Tx River walk

How I took blogging:

Well, this is a long story…..blah! don’t be bothered 🙄

I will be more than happy if you happen to like my posts, be free to leave a piece of advice, criticism or appreciation.

I’m not associated with wanderingmindz blogspot.

 Any suggestions, requests and/or criticism write to me at: 


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3 Responses

  1. I like the Sanskrit subhashita and other stotra related posts. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I would love to visit paris too, I m still dreaming about it. I love your blog, i think this will be a great place for Exchange of Knowledge and eachother’s interest

  3. Dear Wandering Mind,

    My thanks to you for following my blog.
    Your suggestions are valuable for improving my blog.
    Your blog on sanskrit verses are useful.

    with regards,
    jayasree saranathan.

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