My EmotIcon collection

Following are a few collections of Emoticons from http://www.


‘appy b’day EmotIcons

Everybody’s Favorites- Yahoo Emoticons:
I always use Yahoo emoticons when I need to add on my blog post, just copy-paste and it works fine.
Following are the collection of Yahoo emoticons which I found after a google-search. You can select the emoticon which you want and paste it into your post- sO easy😀
The usual ones:
) ( ;) D ;;) D< -/ x P -* =(( -O X( > B-) -S -S ) (( )) | ) =)) ) -B =; I-| 8-| L-) -& -$ [-) O) 8-} -P | =P~ -? #-o =D> -SS @-) ^o -w -< P )
Hidden Yahoo emoticons:
@) -O (|) > @};- %%- **== (~~) ~O) ) 8-X ) >-) -L [-O< $-) - b-( )>- [-X D/ / ;)) o-> o=> o-+ (%) -@ )^ -j (*)
Hotmail Emoticons-These are good too!
Some more cool,cute emoticons  Woohoo
For Picnic: Trip– Isn’t it cute?🙂

6 Responses

  1. 🙂 add more

  2. Thanks Naks, I have added yahoo and hotmail emoticons,hope u’ll like these and will keep adding as and when I find them🙂

  3. really cool stuff!!
    never seen such a variety…
    keep it up!

  4. Thanks for ur comments….so you found it interesting? you should!!LOL

  5. hi,
    this is really cool stuff.. my kids are praising u …. keep it up.!

  6. A wonderful collection !!!

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