The diabetic connection

Shri Ganesha


Diabetes or Madhumeha as it is known in hindi/sanskrit is a dreadful disease characterised by disorder in metabolism, which in turn is due to lack of body’s capacity to produce ‘Insulin’-a hormone which converts sugar intaken by our body; Its symptoms often go un-noticed in the beginning. The three main types of diabetes are : type 1, type2, and gestational diabetes. The main symptoms are: Frequent urination, excessive thirst, extreme hunger,unusual weight loss, increased fatigue, blurry vision and irritabilty…..

But why am I writing this any way when there’s so much info available online?! 😛 read my blog title ‘diabetic CONNECTION’ , this is with respect to lord Ganapati yes him, the remover of obstacles, the embodiment of wisdom I’m not cynical; what we need to see that he was once a victim to diabetes!! shockingly yes. Have you read the hymn:

Om Gajananam, bhootagaNadi sevitam; KAPITTHA JAMBU phalasara bhakshitam

Uma sutam shokavinasha karaNam, namami vighneshwara paada pankajam

Ganesha who represents OMkara is flanked by bhoota gaNas and is the one who relishes the nectar of guava and berries; the son of Uma ,the remover of obstacles accept my salutation at your lotus feet.

This is an interesting hymn for it says lord Ganesha relishes the nectar of Kapittha and jambu – (guava, berries- wood apple,rose apples) these are known and effective cure for diabetes in ayurveda.

The diet of shri Ganesha , lifestyle and appearance also provide a clue- he is ‘Mahakaya’ ‘Lambodara’/’Mahodara’ huge bodied and huge belly as well, he is the embodiment of wisdom thus an intellect which means his work is mind based which does not require travel. His diet? We all know he has a sweet tooth, his favorite dish is ‘Modaka’ a sweet which he eats lovingly. So his diet and lifestyle contribute to this illness that is why he always relishes the nectar of guava and berries to keep the disease(obstacle) at bay!

So next time you offer loads of Modakas to your favorite god , don’t forget to give him kapittha-jambu as well 🙂


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  2. Well this is the best Site for Diabetes I have ever visited

  3. @ Thank you for your comments, just tried to relate whatever I’d read on shri Ganapati stotra.

  4. The normal meaning of this SlOka, I trust, no need to explain.
    But let us see this in another context..

    gajAnanam means = very big, very much, very high, plenty, sufficient
    bhUta means = having bitter taste (example, the taste of bitter gourd [KarEla] )
    gaNAdi means = in total, or in totality, from top to bottom, from bottom to top etc
    sEvitam means = if consumed, if drunk, or if eaten

    kapithha means = the stem of Lotus (lotus flower)
    jambhU phala means = fruit of jAmbun or jAmun (one kind of fruit, very famous and having medicinal values)
    sAra means = every, all, juice
    bhAkshitam = if consumed, if eaten, if drunk etc

    uma means = sweet
    sutam means = which takes birth, taken birth from, taken birth of
    SOka means = du:kh, disease, illness
    vinASa kAraNam means = becomes the destroying factor, becomes the destroying element

    pAda pankajam means = both the legs
    veghnESwara means = to take immense care, take extra ordinary care (yourself to remove all odds)
    namAmi means = be serious to wash, keep clean, keep neat (bow downward towards your legs and see that it is free of dirt)

    Now let us see how it is to be combined and studied “

    Take the complete plant of bitter gourd (including roots, stems, flowers, and bitter gourd), take the stem of lotus flower, take the jAmun fruit, all these things in equal quantity, make the juice of it and consume it. The word gaNAdi gives us the meaning for taking these items in ˜equal quantity” [ gaNa + aAdi ] gaNa means Number, aAdi means total ] means, all these items should in equal.

    Then what will happen –
    umAsutam SOka vinaSam, means the illness, the disease, the sickness which takes birth from umA, that is, from sweet, will be vinASa kAraNam, means it will vanish

    Now, which is SOka, which is the rOga, which is the disease we get from sweet .. No doubt, it is Diabetics.

    Then, those who are having Diabetic, they are warned to be very seriously careful to protect their legs, keep it very neat, clean and without dust, mud.
    (remember, the doctors advice the Diabetic patients to be careful towards their legs, keep it neat and clear etc)

    Chanting of this mantra keeping the divine spirit of GaNeSa in mind, no doubt, it will do away all hurdles in life.
    But if one chants this mantra with the thinking explained above, it will result into destroying the Diabetic problems.

    Thus, the DhyAAna Sloka is not only to praise Lord GaNESa but if one is chanting this mantra the Diabetic disease will also get vanished.

    Wish you all the best

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